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Online Poker Variants, Which One Do You Like?

Poker StrategyNowadays, there are so many poker games that are not only played in land based casinos, but the best of it all, they can be played at the comfort of our own house. Online casino game is the latest fad that so many people across the world find it so hard to resist. And among these games, poker is one of the old-time favorite games. And playing it online offers players the chance to play the different variants of the game and savor the excitement and fun that each variant provide. Some of the most popular ones are as follows.

Texas Hold'em

This is the standard poker variant and is the most widely played as far as online poker is concerned. Players basically complete for money or chips that are contributed by their fellow opponents. It is called as the “pot”. Players do not have any control of the cards that are being dealt to them. However, they can decide the action that needs to be taken over the cards. The moves made by the opponents are predicted by the gamers to win and get the chips in the pot.

This variant has series of hands. At the end of every round, the player who got the best hand will get the pot. In case there would be a tie, the pot will be divided to the two players. If all the players in the game except one fold, the pot will be awarded to the one who did not “fold”.

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Omaha Hold'em

There are a few aspects in this variant that are similar to Texas Hold'em. Every player is dealt with four cards and they can use two of them and three from a set of 5 community cards in order to make a hand. In Omaha 8, each of the players has to make a high 5-card hand and another low 5-card hand. In order to make a high hand, 2 hole cards can be used. And the same thing goes for the low hand. The pot limit for this one is mostly played high.

Seven-card Stud

Players in this variant of the game need to place an ante. One card face up and two cards face down are distributed to every player. The betting will continue in a clockwise manner. The player who has the face up card of the lowest value would have to place a bet. This is the “bring in”. After this, each of the players would be given the option to raise, fold, or call his cards. The second round of betting will be started by the player who cards of highest value. 

Five-card Draw

This variant is played with simple rules and this is easily learned by players. The player who is next to the big blind will begin the initial betting round. After, the subsequent betting rounds will be started by those to the left of the dealer. Each of the players will be given 5 cards face down. And the remaining cards are picked by the players as the game continues. The “draw” begins when two or more players remain after the first round. Players can select the cards that they want to place. While the discarded cards will go into the deck where 5 cards are dealt to each player again.


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