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Busting Online Casino Myths

Online casinos, such as Intercasino Deutsch, have been sources of controversy, given that there are a lot of people that distrust these sites. However, remember that the main reason that they do so is simply because they found themselves on the losing end of huge payouts. In the previous entry, we tackled about the myths concerning Internet gambling addiction, so now, let's keep the ball rolling a let's bust another group of myths; this time the ones that concern online casinos.


Myth #1 Online Casinos do not pay

Though there is SOME truth to this, it does not include reputable online casinos like Intercasino Deutsch. Yes, there are some casinos that do not issue large payouts, especially if you somehow managed to hit a jackpot or managed to haul in a huge amount of winnings from a poker game, but these ones are usually at the bottom of the food chain – meaning, they are unlicensed and do not follow any rules. They just milk the money off your credit card with out any remorse. You may even call it organized thievery or a scam. With that said, it is important to look for reputable online casinos, but how? Well, simply look for online forums to get hold of customer reviews, or look for the governing body that regulates their operations, as well as their licenses.


Myth #2 Gambling is more addictive than doing it in real life

Sure, playing in online casinos like Intercasino Deutsch is a lot of fun, but it automatically does not mean that it is more addictive than doing so in real life, simply because there is no scientific evidence that links them. All other probabilities disprove this fact as well – being addicted in gambling can also turn you into a person that is addicted to LOSING money – something that online casinos actually discourage considering that irresponsible behavior is more likely than addiction. Some online casinos even developed mechanisms that allow you to gamble responsibly, meaning a person can't actually gamble above his means. One of these mechanisms include putting a deposit and betting limit.

Online Casino Security

Myth #3 Online gambling has several security loopholes

No website is perfect, however, online casinos especially Intercasino Deutsch are using mechanisms to protect user privacy, data and transactions. With that said, casinos may have availed services of top quality website security software and expertise, specializing in the encryption and protection of information. All online casinos must also adhere to the laws set by Gambling Commissions and follow the Data Protection Act. Remember though, this may only be exclusive to reputable gambling sites, so be sure to choose the best one.


Myth #4 Everyone, including minors can play in online casinos

Actually, in reputable online casinos like Intercasino Deutsch, rigorous screening processes have been set in place, and all of which, like real-life casinos, adhere to a no underage gambling policy. Verification can be acquired through checking the credit card company, or from other financial institutions. With that said, this myth is debunked and the people saying this should definitely keep themselves updated with the latest software in place.


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