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What Is The Color Of Your Money?

So, you have made a decision and chose to play at Intercasino, an online casino site where people flock and gather all their skills and strategies to win their favorite game. You have all the knowledge on the facts a gambler has to know with regard to going to casinos and even playing online. However, what should be done supposing you wanted to place your bet by putting the chip you have in your hand on the table upon playing blackjack? Although casinos are places where gamblers can place their bets and at the same time win the game, dealers also look upon the money or the chip you have placed. Perhaps, you could not place a five dollar bet on a green table. Dealers will inform you to look for another table for you to be able to play the game. Green tables have limits but it does not mean you can no longer play the game. All it takes is to look for the right table where you can place your chip and play the game.

The Color Of Your Money
Therefore, it is an essential to know about the table limit signs and the color it signifies in order to avoid being embarrassed before playing the game. Playing online is different from playing at a live casino. Other players do not have any chance of knowing what you look like thus, it will cover you from having those embarrassing moments. In this case, it is still necessary to know all these information other than knowing the basic rules of playing the game you would want to play.

Each Color Has Its Value

Most casinos only require their players to be mindful of the color of the table. This matches the table to the denomination of the chip. In other words, the minimum bet is represented and indicated by the color of the table. Thereby, all you need to look is the color of the table and you are ready to play the game. Here are the denominations of the chips as well as its value:

  • Blue / White chips = $1
  • Red chips or commonly called as nickels = $5
  • Green chips or otherwise known as quarters = $25
  • Black chips = $100
  • Purple chips or also known as Barneys = $500
  • Orange chips or the pumpkins = $1,000

Perhaps you may be able to encounter a different color of the chip at a different casino, red and green remain constant and standard in most casinos.

Have you figured out what's with the colors of the chips? The different colors make it easy for the dealers, personnel, and the cameras (part of the list of facts a gambler must know) to determine the amount of money the player is betting.

So, the next time you may visit a live casino room or perhaps play online, you will be able to determine the amount of money you should bet. Also, you will be able to join games you have been longing for.


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