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Craps Game in Land and Online Casinos

Craps Game

The advancements in the new technology have brought so many changes in the lives of people in so many ways. And now, the differences on how games are played on land and online casinos are perhaps mostly felt in craps. Basically, the differences do not solely depend in the bets offered or payouts, but in the game’s mechanics. And now that there is the advent of the new technology, other casino games can be played online wherein one enjoys playing his favorite games without the need to leave the house. But of course, there are still individuals who would opt to play the traditional way of playing. And this is why knowing the difference of each play an important role in deciding which one is better.

The layout of the land casino craps is divided into three sections. The two end sections are basically identical and contain the pass, come and field bets which are the most common bets, while the smaller middle area contains the proposition bets. On the other hand, in online casinos, only one of the end sections and the middle area are being displayed on the screen. And this is because online casino craps caters only to a single player, whereas land casinos have a number of players that wager simultaneously.

Land casino craps is considered to be the most intimidating games due to the number of casino employees manning the game. But in online craps, software has been programmed to perform functions on behalf of the employees. There is a stickman that stands at the center that is responsible for handling the dice. Stickman is the term referred to him as he uses a flexible hooked stick. Then, every new shooter is offered a cache of dice by him, from which the shooter would choose two. After a roll, the stickman announces the number thrown and retrieves the dice and returns them to the shooter. At the same time, the stickman places the proposition bets for all the players.

Then there is the boxman that sits directly across the stickman. He is the one that supervises the game, making sure that the payouts are given correctly. The casino bankroll is also his responsibility. He adjudicates disputes that take place. In the case of online casinos, the dice are rolled out automatically in online craps when the appropriate button has been clicked. There is also some online casino craps game that has animations of the player while shooting the dice. In the land casino craps, one of the players is the shooter and he rolls the dice across the table. In this case, he has no advantage when it comes to the betting. In a new game, the player positioned in the left of the boxman becomes the first shooter and then the dice moves clockwise from one player to the next. Then the shooter has to bounce the dice off the far wall of the table to ensure randomness. In the online craps, the angle for randomness is taken care of by the random generator number of the software.


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