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Online Poker Game: A Challenge of Skill and Luck

Play Poker OnlineA lot of people argue that poker is nothing but a game of luck. The skeptics would often claim that the lucky or bad players would always win the game while those skilled players would win the best hand, and for those seasoned professionals who are making a move, they lose all too often. However, when it comes to playing poker, the truth is that luck has very little or nothing to do with winning and playing the game.

One factor that motivates the winning hands in online poker games are the programs which are computer generated that are used in determining the deal of the cards. Usually, people would adhere to such theory that it's the luck of the draw, or the site gives rewards to the bad players. Neither of the following arguments are true. The real truth behind lies in the ability of the player to see how this computer generated software determines the winner. Through the years, poker websites have sought solutions to make the game appear to be fair and random just like that in a live game. Such attempts to stimulate live games resulted in various algorithms written in the codes of the poker sites, which make the game seem like fair.

However, the addition of subroutines and algorithms skew the actual results and odds. A massive problem has been created when there are one or two players that win the game often. While the constant bad beats in the game become the hot topic in different debates and forums on the internet. So, what is really the truth? And could be the solution? To reveal the truth, online poker websites purposely added the unnecessary codes to make the game appear random as much as possible. These codes ignore the real statistical odds and predetermine the winning hands without any regards to the real game. In reality, it usually becomes a crap shoot since the strong hands tend to lose more in this game than when in a live game.

Thus, the solution to such problem is just to simply understand the games' algorithms and make use of the patterns against the program in order to ensure that you will win most of the time. Skeptic people can be heard saying often that most of the online games are the result of bad players. However, these people refuse to discuss the concrete facts that poker sites willingly and openly admit that they use algorithms to level the field and for the game to be fair as much as players are concerned.

If you want to win in online poker games, it is necessary that you understand that online poker sites are not like real live games. Moreover, given that they use a software, you are not up with the other players as much as how against you are with the computer. Thus, for you to beat the computer game you should know and fully understand the code it uses to beat you, and surely you will be the one leading the game.


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