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Playing Online Craps: Rules and How-to's

Rules and How To's of Online Casino

Since you already know what's inside all online casino sites including the welcome bonuses, the various offers and the free games, it is now your turn to start to know one of the most famous casino games. If you are joining in an online casino game and it's your first time, your first task is to familiarize all of the games and select one particular game to start with. Understand the rules and regulations including the rules of their welcome bonuses and depositing methods. Let's start with playing an online craps. 

When we think about craps, we could imagine a large crowd surrounding the table and cheering the shooter while praying that they could win. When taking this into account, many casino players will say that craps is the most exciting casino game ever. However, the online casino craps cannot provide that large crowd surrounding the table than the land-based casino can. But there are a number of benefits that online casino craps could produce to their gamers over their land-based counterpart. 

No travel Involved

Just like any online casino games, playing craps online require no travel nor accommodation needed in order to play craps. With so much availability of online and the Internet, these games can be played anytime, anywhere.

Lots of Cool Craps Versions

Those players who are bored in playing the same craps over and over again will find online craps the greater place to enjoy with varying options. They can easily switch from one casino crap site to the next and find the most suitable version for them.  

Play in Your Pajamas

Since online craps do not require travel, you can just connect to the Internet and play in your pajamas. You no longer needed to step out in Black Tuxedos and spend dollars for the plane and taxi. With online casino, you can just stay at home and enjoy.

Play Faster

There are no extracurricular activities when playing online, like the throwing of the dice when you get your turn and collecting the dice after each throw. The online craps cut the time short. You can just simply choose the amount of your bets and click to throw the dice. No other activities required. 

The above are just some of the advantages in playing online craps, let's start the real game. See the following procedures.

Rules to Play:

  1. Rules and How To's of Online CasinoTo begin playing with craps, the Shooter, one of the players, must bet at least the table's minimum range and choose on either Pass or Don't Pass Line. The shooter will be given five dice by the Stickman. He must choose two dice among the five to roll with. Then the other three dice will be returned to the Stickman.

  2. The Shooter must hold the dice with his one hand when throwing. The thrown dice must hit on the walls of the opposite end of the table. Then, the Stickman must inspect one of both dice that are thrown off before putting them back to the play.

  3. The game is played in rounds. Each player of the craps must get a round of throws. If you don't want to become the Shooter, you can bet on the Shooter himself.

  4. The first roll of the dice is the Come Out roll in a betting round. The Come Out roll will be made only when the first shooter fails to make the Point or a Seven-out rolls.

  5. The new game will then begin with a new Shooter. If he cannot make a Point, the dice will be returned to him and he will make a new Come Out roll. The Come Out roll technically identifies a new game to begin because the player failed to get his Point.


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